Soda chlorine bomb

Soda chlorine bomb
The Soda Chlorine Bomb is an interesting piece of work. It makes a loud noise that rather resembles a hand grenade or howitzer shell, yet causes little to no damage to its nearest surroundings. It's a great device that doesn't cost much, is easily put together, and requires little skill to pull off properly. This isn't to say if you stand around and let it detonate while clutched closely to your chest that you won't tend to feel some soreness.

There are various recipes out there that call for various additives and methods. However after a good semester of experimenting, I have found a very ideal mixture and method. The recipe calls for simple things that can be picked up at a 24-hour Walmart for well under $10. It adds to the humour when you purchase chlorine tablets and rubbing alcohol alone at 4am at the lone checkout lane.

How to do it
You will need:

* 2-Liter Plastic Soda Bottle with screw-on cap
* Large container of standard rubbing alcohol, preferably 95%+ isopropyl.
* 3 -4 Chlorine tablets designed for pool use.
* Hammer or similar blunt, metal object.

The steps are simple and most high school graduates can pull this off without the use of heavy mathematical equations or their organic chemistry notebooks.

* Simply use the hammer to crunch up the four chlorine tablets into a powder. Chunks are acceptable, as long as the mixture is not predominantly huge chunks.

* Funnel or otherwise place the powder into the 2-Liter Plastic soda bottle.

* Be ready to place the bottle at its intended location and exit (if necessary) at this point. Pour in the bottle of rubbing alcohol until either gone, or the soda bottle appears 2/3 full.

* Quickly, now! Screw on the bottle cap very tightly! Make sure it's not going anywhere. Now shake the bottle vigorously for a few seconds and place the bottle down. Run away.

* There will be a buildup of gas inside the bottle, which will reach such high pressures that it will blow apart the soda bottle creating a ka-fucking-boom. If you make a few at a time, a succession of bangs might even give the effect of a shelling or air raid.

Mentos and Soda Bomb

Mentos and Soda Bomb

step 1 What You Need
You need: 1. Glad circular 1/2 cup interlocking lid plastic tupperware container. 2. Can of Coke 3. Mentos 4. Paper Towels

step 2 Fill the Tupperware Container
Fill the tupperware container almost all the way full with coke (look at picture).

step 3 Cover the Tupperware Container
Cover the tupperware container with a paper towel. leave some room at the edge of the container so that a couple mentos could easily slip through. (see picture) Pull the paper towel taught so that it doesn't get wet with coke.

step 4 Place the Mentos
To make sure the paper towel is taught, place rocks at all the corners that are on the ground. Then place three mentos on the top of the paper towel...It now doesn't matter if the paper towel gets wet, it only matter if the mentos don't get wet. (see picture)

step 5 Now place the top on the bomb!
Place the cover on the tupperware container. Make sure when you put the cover on that the paper towel is still taught. (see picture)

step 6 Activating the Bomb
To activate the bomb just tip the container so that all three mentos fall into the soda through the little hole between the edge of the paper towel and the edge of the container.

step 7 The Explosion
Quickly (in the next 3 seconds) place the bomb and get out of the way. It doesn't make a big explosion but sure makes a mess! Have fun sabotaging you brothers, sisters, and friends!!! You can also do the same exact thing in a bigger container with more soda and mentos!!!
Soda bottle bomb