How to Vinegar/Baking Soda Bottle Bomb

How to Vinegar/Baking Soda Bottle Bomb
-A plastic water bottle the only ones I have been succesful with are the really cheap ones and dasani.
-Baking soda about 2 tbsp per bomb
-Vinegar about a cup (8 oz.) per bom

1.Start by fill the bottle half full with vinegar. Then cut the bag as shown. Put the bag into the mouth of the bottle as shown, and fill it with 2 tbsp. (roughly) of baking soda. Push the bag with the baking soda down into the bottle, but don't let the contents mix. You are now ready to detonate.
2.When you have found a safe place to blow it up, such as the street (not your garage, or your room, or secret underground lab), start shaking the bottle to mix the active ingredients. The bottle will start to fizz up and expand, so wait about 8 seconds to charge it up, then either throw it at the ground or up in the air. You don't want to hit the cap on the ground, or it will just let all the compressed air out in a non-exciting way. You want to hit the side or bottom of the bottle, either way it will blow out the bottom.
The soda bottle bomb is ready...boom !!

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